Toyota Supra

Toyota Supra gets a gearbox from BMW

Toyota SupraAt the Detroit Motor Show in January, Toyota slightly lifted the curtain around the future Supra. The Japanese presented the concept of the GR Supra Racing Concept, which gives an idea of ​​the look of the body, but kept all the technical details of the car in secret.

Gradually, Toyota reveals details of the car, one of which concerns the gearbox. For the terror of the Puritans, the future Supra will not be available at mechanical speeds. This was announced by the project chief Tetsuya Tada, whose words make it clear that the torque of the engine will be degraded by gear shifting by hand.

According to experts, such an announcement means that Toyota has stopped a preselective robotic gearbox that combines with a powerful turbocharger. This will allow the unit to show its full potential. And since the Japanese do not have such a transmission, they have stopped on BMW’s 7-speed M-DCT.

It is no secret that the Bavarians are helping to develop a future Supra, while the BMW Z4 is also on the market. Expecting Toyota’s sports coupé to get a 6-cylinder in-line engine from the Bavarians, which will have different settings. Its power will be around 450 hp.

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