Toyota GT86

Toyota GT86

Toyota GT86Toyota has been criticized repeatedly for its relatively low power sports coupe GT86. That is why a number of tuning companies engaged in the development of powerful tools for model. An interesting fact is that tuners have started tuning the original 2.0-liter engine of the Toyota GT86, but ultimately opted engine Nissan GT-R. Initially Australians have put twin turbo 4-cylinder boxer, having achieved impressive output of 545 hp.

But then came the idea for even more brutal Developing. It included notably the engine of Godzilla. It also generates around 550 hp, but StreetFX managed to squeeze nearly twice as much – just 1,000 hp. For this purpose the specialists volumes increased V6 engine to 4.1 liters and placed him GT1000 turbo system of HKS.

To accommodate almost double the largest unit in the basket of GT86, tuners have removed the front differential, as they left the car with rear-wheel drive. They used specially designed vehicle transmission and rear differential of the Ford Mustang.

Australians do not report the cost of tuning. It is not also clear whether the model they track or have a permit for movement on public roads. But surely this is one of the fastest GT86 in the world.

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