Subaru’s new sports sedan

SubaruJapan’s Subaru has introduced the VIZIV Performance Concept to the Tokyo Motor Show, which should show us what the future WRX will look like. And it’s not so far to go out in series. Unlike the Mitsubishi, which turned Evolution into an electric car, Subaru is relying on traditional solutions. The model remains a four-door sedan, a boxer engine and a symmetrical four-wheel drive system. Other technical details are missing, but according to some information it is not excluded that the next WRX will also receive a hybrid unit.

But surely the sports car will be equipped with a no-pilot system. The VIZIV Performance Concept features an enhanced version of EyeSight, including radar and high-speed GPS navigation. So far no full autonomy is planned, but it is known that from 2020 the system will be placed on all Subaru cars.

As a gauge, the VIZIV Performance Concept is larger than the current WRX. Its length is 4630 mm versus 4595 mm. The distance between the two axles is 2730, whereas in the series sedan is 2650 mm. The concept is 1430 mm high and its width reaches 1950 mm, mainly due to the expanded fenders. Bumper, diffuser and roof are made of carbon.

It is expected that the standard WRX STI will get the same bonnet air intakes, four exhaust pipes and 20-inch wheels. Surely the design of the Subaru models will follow this guideline and will be subordinated entirely to the idea of ​​a low center of gravity. It has to play a major role in the dynamics of the car.

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