Subaru Impreza

Subaru Impreza new generation

Subaru ImprezaFirst pictures of the new generation Subaru Impreza spread Japanese company. They made the exhibition in New York, where the premiere of sedan and hatchback popular model. Currently available photos just sat in version Subaru Impreza Sport, is expected hatchback was be presented later today. By staff it becomes clear that serial Impreza is very close to the concept we saw last year. The design, however, is slightly mitigated by the product model does not seem so aggressive and futuristic.

The salon is also completely new, as similar sets of disposal of appliances with the current version of the Impreza. Impressed large central display of info-system, as well as additional displays at the top of the center console and the instrument panel. Change is used and materials which are of a higher quality, according to the information. The biggest novelty in the model architecture. This is the new global platform of Japanese brand Subaru Global Platform, which enhances the structural strength of the vehicle with up to 100% compared to current models. The chassis also provides a significant improvement in terms of noise and vibration, as well as more generous dimensions of the room.

The information is currently limited, as is expected in the coming days to be exported details about the size and propulsion units of the new generation Impreza. Expect also details hatchback.

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