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Mercedes-AMG introduced V12 engine in Maybach limousines

mercedes MaybachMercedes-AMG prepares for the day it will stop offering its V12 engines in its models, explained AMG chief Tobias Mors on the New York Motor Show. The only exception is the Maybach super luxury limousine.

“There is still demand from V12 engine customers, but if we continue to invest and develop these engines in the future, it will cost us too expensive”, said AMG. “In general, we need to invest a lot if we want to increase the power of these bikes and develop the technologies they have”, adds the company.

According to Mors, the most appropriate solution will be the use of V8 engines that are part of a hybrid drive system.

The Mercedes-AMG offers V12 engines for individual S-class variants, the SL-based roadster and the current generation of the G-Class. The recently received facelift G model will not have the 65 AMG option. It is not clear what will happen to SL, but the S-Class will probably keep its V12 engines until 2020 when the model’s facelift is to appear.

After the end of the AMG 65 series, the V12 engines will only be available for limousines from the Mercedes-Maybach sub-brand. Now, such a variant is available as an S-class, but rumors may suggest a version of the GLS-class with the title Maybach, a rival of Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

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