Inifiniti QX30

Infiniti QX30

Inifiniti QX30The smallest crossover in the history of Japanese brand Infiniti came under the spotlight Motor Show in Los Angeles, USA. His name is QX30, it will be available on world markets in mid-2016. Infiniti QX30 is based on the hatchback Q30, our team tested a week ago. Both Infinity cars models have a similar design as crossover relies on increased ground clearance and protective elements of the bumpers and fenders gallery marking gauge roof, wheels with different designs and more. Interior Q30 and QX30 look similar, as expected in crossover to offer a variety of materials and accessories. As for the unit at the time from Infiniti have not spread to official data. Most likely, however QX30 will use engines hatchback. These are petrol and diesel engines with four-cylinder turbo. 1.6 petrol are 122 or 156 hp 2.0 and 211 hp power Diesels are the 1.5 with 109 hp and 2.2 with 170 hp. Model transmissions are 6-speed manual and 7-speed automatic dual-clutch, which is included in the basic equipment of the more powerful versions. The drive to all four wheels can transmit about half the torque to the rear axle to ensure improved road and traction.

Among the main competitors of the new Infiniti QX30 will be Mercedes-Benz GLA, which is actually based on the Japanese model. Sales of the QX30 will be a fact in the middle of 2016. Expect in the coming months, details about the features and prices of the model.

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