Which are the most wanted used electric vehicles and hybrids?

Fiat500Second-hand car buyers are actively interested in electric cars and hybrids. At least in the States. This shows the study by iSeeCars, according to which 6 of the 10 fastest-selling used cars are more environmentally friendly – three are hybrids and three are electric cars. In 2017, the statistics of second-hand vendors show that one car stays a little over 33 days with the dealer before finding a new owner. But the scorers in this ranking return faster on the road, their stay is between 22 and 26 days.

Let’s see what these six cars, electric and plug-in hybrids have found among the most sought-after used vehicles. It’s hardly surprising that the sixth place is for the Tesla Model S, with the electric vehicle taking the tenth position in the overall standings. On average, such a luxury electric vehicle stays 26 days at the seller before the next deal. There is a demand beyond supply. Still, who does not want a car that cost $ 120,000 a new $ 40,000 or $ 50,000?

With the same result as Model S, the fifth position is the hybrid Ford Fusion Energi.

The fourth place is for the first generation of Nissan Leaf’s most popular electric vehicle in the world. The launch of the second generation of the model has had an excellent impact on the secondary market supply, with the average Leaf price in the US declining to $ 11,703. And this puts down the stays with dealers on average 25 days. Sixth in the Top 10 and 4th in electric cars and hybrids.

The third place in this ranking is for two generations of the Toyota Prius, but more sales are reported for the previous generation, just called the Plug-In Hybrid, and less, given that the car is newer, Prime. These two hybrids spend at the dealers between 24 and 25 days.

In the forehead, however, things are even more interesting.

With just over 23 days of staying before the new owner arrived, the BMW i3 took second place in this group and second place in the overall standings. The excellent result is due to the fact that many i3 went into the secondary market and their price dropped to just over 23,600 USD.

And the winner is a bit surprising – FIAT 500e. When talking about electric cars and hybrids, FIAT is surely the latest brand you will think of, but other factors here also work. 500 is an absolute favorite of ladies worldwide, and when its Italian forms are combined with an impressive price collapse, the offer becomes irresistible. With only 22 days of staying with dealers and a fall in average 50,000 USD from 15,000 USD to 9,000 USD, the electric bumper comes first.

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