Most advanced technology sedans

BMWGerman brands are predominant in the ranking, but there are also electric cars. The US Automobile Experts have compiled a list of the 7 most advanced sedans. As we can expect, German premium models predominate, but there are also electric cars.

BMW 7 Series
The leader in the ranking is the huge sedan BMW 7-Series, which is a true combination of comfort and high technology. With him even the longest trips are a great pleasure. For passengers in the car there are two 10-inch screens fixed to the front seats. The car also provides Wi-Fi access. The on-board computer provides full control over the functions of the cabin and allows you, for example, to adjust the temperature and adjust the seats.

Tesla Model S
Second place occupies one of the most promising brands aimed at constant improvement and flights to Mars. As you have already guessed, it’s Tesla, or rather Model S. The great capability of this model is the most advanced autopilot.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class
Another vehicle designed to provide maximum comfort to passengers. There are not only large screens and the internet, but also the most comfortable massage seats that care for your back. There are also “smart” air fresheners that provide five flavors. In addition, car systems can be operated with a smartphone.

Audi A8
The Audi A8 sedan relies heavily on the comfort of the driver and not the passengers. Everything in this car is aimed at facilitating the most difficult stages of the trip. All systems are controlled by a comfortable touch panel. The car has a steering assist as well as automatic parking.

Cadillac CT6
Perhaps one of the most versatile cars in terms of comfort and high-tech features. Unlike most others, the Cadillac CT6 really allows you to optimize car driving. Virtually everything in this car can be managed using a smartphone.

Acura RLX Sport Hybrid
The “smart” features of the Acura RLX Sport Hybrid car are primarily aimed at minimizing malfunctions, damaging and driving effortlessly. The car may even warn the driver that it is necessary to reduce the speed. The Climate Controller selects the desired mode of operation according to weather conditions and takes into account whether the vehicle is exposed to direct sunlight.

Porsche Panamera
This sedan provides an exceptional combination of high performance and high-tech functionality. There are literally everything – from autopilot to touch screens, as well as synchronization of car systems with the driver’s mobile devices.

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