BMW X5 modernization

BMW X5 under modernization

BMW X5 modernizationThe current generation of the BMW X5 appear only 3 years ago, but the Bavarian concern are ready to send him into retirement and replace it with new. This newspaper reported Motoring, which refers to one of the top managers of the brand Mark Werner. According to his words the main reason for the prepared change is the success of the new platform CLAR, which was built testimony last year flagship brand 7-Series. The chassis has proved so successful that the BMW intend to pass on it all its models.

Werner revealed that the company is already hard at work on the next X5. So instead held until 3-4 years after the launch of a facelifted model on the market will appear completely new car. A current crossover X5 F15 will be sent into retirement. Along with the platform CLAR largest SUV will borrow at BMW 7-Series range and engines. After the new X5 will appear larger X7, which will be built on the same chassis and offers a lounge with 7 seats. Its length will be about 50 cm. Greater than that of X5.

In addition to the 6- and 8-cylinder engines future X7 will get a version with a V12 engine, which at X5 missing. There will also be fully hybrid version e-Drive, which only electricity will be able to travel about 50 km.

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