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BMW is the world’s most profitable carmaker

BMW carsBMW is the most profitable carmaker in the world after no one could overtake it in terms of operating profit, according to a study by consulting firm Ernst & Young (EY). The operating profit of the Bavarians for 2017 is 10%, which means that of every EUR 100 revenue from the sale of a car 10 euros remain for the company. Second place is Suzuki with 9.8%. In the previous year’s ranking, the Japanese took third place after BMW and Daimler, but they are second.

Third, the Daimler Group dropped 8.9%. The largest producer in Germany, the Volkswagen Group, is only 8th with 6%. The figures refer to the whole activity of the producers, which also includes the provision of financial services to the clients. If only the activity of the automotive divisions is calculated, the picture is slightly different. At Daimler, the net profitability was 9.6%, while for BMW – 8.9. The result of Volkswagen is 5.9%, but it does not include the Chinese subsidiary, as it is a separate company.

Ernst & Young’s (EY) study shows that in 2017 the top 16 automakers in the world made a total profit of 104 billion euros. This is 12.4% more than 2016.

Statistics show that the 16 largest automakers in the world have made a total profit of € 104 billion in 2017, up 12.4% more than the previous year. Experts, however, are of the opinion that the industry will slow down as it has to spend billions for investments in electric cars and environmental models, which will reduce their revenue.

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